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Excellent Bath Products Store in Wallingford

When it comes to taking your mind off a long workday, you just cannot beat a bath. But without, bubbles, lotions, salts, and even a cute rubber duck, it just isn’t right. That’s where Lisa's Soaps Naked And Natural LLC comes into the equation. We provide all the essentials, from organic oils to basic items. You can give us a message on the form below. If you’re too busy even for a quick chat, then just fill in our form to place your order, and we can deliver to your area and its surrounding areas.

A Range of Soaps

Our handcrafted soaps come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. We have soaps that contain glitter, other that contain gel capsules, some are star-shaped others are multicoloured. Basically, there’s a soap for every mood and every setting. Enquire today or check out our product list to find the right one for you and your bathroom.

Natural Fragrances & Organic Oils

All our products are made from natural sources, whether you’re interested in our hot process soaps or you’re simply after a natural sponge. We think it’s important to create sustainable products that give you all nature has to offer in your time of relaxation. From lavender to clementine, and coconut to aloe vera, our products will leave you smelling fragrant and your skin will be smoother than a baby’s bottom!


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3 Reviews

debra green

20 November 2020

20 November


Love this store absolutely a fun place to shop. So many different items every where you look there is something different. And the soaps omg so many and the sm...
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Jackii Kordiak

09 July 2020

09 July


Very cute little shop dedicated to selling CT made products. The soap is lovely 👍🧼

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